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tv   Charlie Rose  FOX  June 26, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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(male narrator) previously on masterchef... a star-studded team challenge... shut up! the amazing jane lynch. (narrator) saw the home cooks feeding the cast and crew of the hit show glee. the winning team is is red team! [cheering] (narrator) after krissi's team was crushed... you got destroyed. (narrator) it was time for another painstaking pressure test. when krissi targeted bime for elimination... what have you done here? (narrator) and hit her target. it's time to take that apron off. (narrator) tonight it's a shocking mystery box challenge. oh, my god. there are children who will not sleep tonight. (narrator) and last season's winner christine ha returns... it's incredibly inspiring. (narrator) with a surprising twist. you're going to be cooking this challenge without sight.
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oh, my god. [glass shatters] (narrator) and two master chef heavyweights go to head-to-head... (joe) if you wanna talk behind my back, have the balls to say it up here in front of me. i said i knew it. you're done. [dramatic music] ♪ (gordon) come on down. let's go. there's 13 people left in this competition. i'm still here. i'm still here. ♪ (gordon) welcome back, everyone. 13 will be a unlucky number for one of you, because tonight, at least one person will be eliminated from masterchef. it's time for your next mystery box challenge. the winner of this mystery box challenge
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will get a huge advantage in the upcoming elimination. (gordon) on the count of three, lift your boxes. i'm just praying, please be vegetables, please be vegetables. one. i'm hoping for shellfish-- mussels, clams, oysters. something exotic, something sexy. two. three. oh, my god. [laughter] what the-- [groans] that's so awesome. yes! [chuckles] a delicious pig's head. damn it. it's smiling at me. i can see its eyeballs. no. there are children who will not sleep tonight because we took that box off that pig head. (joe) great chefs know how to cook with the entire animal, from the snout to the tail. it's an ingredient like this that truly separates
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the chefs from the home cooks. (gordon) lucky for you, you do not have to break down those heads. we've already done that bit for you. thank god. so open your cupboards, and remove the sheet pans. there you have ears, tongue, cheek, and pork snout all ready to cook with. (joe) you'll have 90 minutes to prepare us something delicious using any part of that pig's head. (graham) you'll also have use of a limited pantry to help make your pig dish have us squeal with excitement. (gordon) all of you, your 90 minutes starts... now. let's go. (joe) for the first time in this competition, we are requiring them to cook like a restaurant chef.
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for most people, it's a very, very odd ingredient. there's no longer home cooking here. no, no. this is professional cooking. i have never cooked a pig's head before, but i love pork. i'm gonna do the black-eyed peas, cornbread, some collards. try to get some crispy fried pig ears. (james) pig heads does not bother me at all. i've seen a lot worse than this. i mean, it's, yeah, horrifying. i'm pretty sure vegetarian bri is peeing her pants over there, but it's not the worst thing i've ever seen. so the main components are the tongue, the ears, the cheek, and the snout. (graham) yeah, right. what would you do with the tongue? i would blanch the tongue first in a fragrant boiling water. then from there i'd braise it and serve that with a delicious creamed mashed potato with some fresh grated horseradish. (joe) who do you think's gonna struggle today? who's gonna really have a hard time? clearly bri. god bless her, vegetarian. totally out of her comfort zone.
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i think she's gonna struggle big-time. bri, how you doing? i'm great, chef. how are you? how is he? while i'm cooking.ok at him you don't want to look at him? while i'm cooking him. you don't wanna look at someone's face while you're cooking them. uh, right. what are you doing? kind of like a farmer's breakfast. a farmer's breakfast? yeah, crispy pig's ear with a poached egg on top with an heirloom tomato salad that i have. wow. and then i'm gonna do the cheeks. good luck. thank you. thanks, chef. lynn. yes, sir? what are you making? i'm trying something a little different. i did a braised pork cheek, and i'm gonna deep-fry 'em. with what? what are you serving it with? the tongue is gonna be a little, like, asian. so i'm gonna do, like, a french-asian type of thing. finally. wow. finally. what does finally mean? what have we been telling you since you started, that's lacking? seasoning. yeah. you've got seasoning there. perfect. very impressive. thank you, thank you, thank you. all right.
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all right, jonny. you're a carpenter. great with your hands. what is that? i think it's gonna be good. this is the cheek, this is the tongue. wow. mm. what did you braise that in? pork stock we had in the fridge back there, and mirepoix. that's delicious. what's happening? what do you mean what's happening? the flavor profiles are delicious. now you seem to be understanding the integrity of putting this dish together. well, i'm sick of getting yelled at by you guys up there. i gotta come up and have you be happy with one of these dishes. but we know you can cook, that's just it. and so we get frustrated when you go too far off the beaten track. that is good luck. all right, thank you. jessie. what's going on? do you feel confident with cooking pork's head? i've got the cheeks really tender right now. i'm really happy. i'm gonna have a little black bean, roasted jalapeno corn. going with more of a mexican inspired-- little mexican-southern mix. okay. good luck. thank you so much. (gordon) five minutes left. start thinking of the plating from now, guys.
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yeah, the competition in my mind has just gone to a completely new level. you can see these guys absolutely rising in confidence. jonny's sounds amazing. he's braised all those proteins together and put them inside a taco shell. sweet. beth, as well, i mean... really? (gordon) she's doing, like, a cassoulet with a black-eyed pea. really nice. (graham) lynn has finally understood what seasoning's all about. yes. and he braised the pork cheek, lightly floured it, and fried it. (gordon) nice. yeah, man, that's good. 60 seconds to go. (joe) let's go, guys. (gordon) come on, finishing touches now. clean the border of the plate. (graham) presentation is everything. i wanna see the oink on the plate. let's go, guys. come on. (gordon) ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. and stop.
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(gordon) finishing touches now. (joe) let's go, guys. come on. five, four, three, two, one. and stop, guys. hands in the air. hands in the air. good job. well done. [applause] (narrator) having carefully sampled everything throughout the challenge... look at the diversity. (narrator) the judges now take one final look to identify three standout dishes. the mystery box winner will receive a huge advantage in the upcoming elimination test. the first dish
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that we're dying to taste, this was complex. it was highly sophisticated, and it was nice finally to see this individual shine. the first dish we wanna taste... lynn. let's go. great job. i don't think that lynn has a refined palate. i think people see him as a top dog because of his beautiful presentation. (gordon) looks incredible. now what is it? traditional red wine-braised pork cheek on top of asian-braised pork tongue, a parsnip puree, a ginger scallion oil, and some fried tomatoes. wow. how did you make the puree so fine? i worked that chinois to death until it got into the pan. you've got attitude on there. the whole thing is just, you know, melt-in-your-mouth. you had the balance right between the acidity, the seasoning. and the dish has got class. thank you, chef. well done.
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wow. delicious. you know how to make food look beautiful. but this is the first time you've really been able to season with assertiveness. good job. thank you. what we have here is an incredible example of fusion, the various sauces, and then the technique on the braise. i mean, i look at this plate... and i'm thinking, is it a $24 appetizer or a $36 entree? and that means a lot. if i was out in that room right now and i knew what this dish tasted like, i'd be terrified. good job, lynn. thanks so much. [applause] the second dish used both the cheek and the ears. it was really seasoned with a lot of complexity and flavors.
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i wanna win this one, and it's like, i think i got a shot here. like, i might get called up there. step forward... jessie. so tell me what we have. cheek and ear braised in pork stock and chicken stock with black-eyed peas and roasted corn. that just explodes with flavor. thank you. the cook on the pork is great. that's a contender. that's delicious. thank you so much. the braised pork cheek's good. the seasoning throughout, like, the heat and salinity, every piece has the right amount of seasoning. good job. thank you so much. so you're a southern girl. it's like georgia meets mexico. it is. that's a good way to put it.
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i mean, it's seasoned beautifully. you want for nothing on that plate, except more. well done. thank you. thank you so much. [applause] the third and final dish we wanna bring up here was delivered by a home cook that today really surprised us. so far this person has consistently been in the middle of the pack. please step forward... [suspenseful music] jonny. so what is it? it's a braised pork tongue and cheek taco with a sweet and spicy tomato jam, toasted cashew guacamole, and then roasted corn and a red pepper relish. mmm. this dish is just really good.
8:16 pm
with these tacos, you're on the top of your game. you think you got more of this in you? absolutely. i was praying that you weren't gonna do some kind of, like, maple-glazed, pig-face cotton candy. that's awesome. i wanna keep eating it. that's, like, tailgating at the super bowl, right? good job. thank you, chef. um, visually, the jam, the corn, and then just the way you braised the tongue and cheek, it may look simple, but it delivers a punch. that is delicious. you showed restraint, and you've reined it in. and when you start doing that, that creates the wow factor, and you've delivered that in a frickin' taco. i think your best dish so far. thank you, chef. good job. [applause] so proud of you.
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it's funny, you have, like, three kinds of dishes, right? you have a very sophisticated restaurant dish, you have a very accomplished home dish, and then you have a tailgating dish. (graham) yeah. it makes sense. (gordon) three very contrasting dishes. i mean, from high end, fancy, unique, to southern style, that smokiness, to a forbidden snack elevated to the premier league. and let me tell you, that was a difficult mystery box challenge. great job. the headline act who will get that huge advantage in the upcoming elimination challenge... [suspenseful music] that dish was cooked by... ♪ congratulations... (jonny) the anticipation is so frustrating. it's just like, tick...tick...tick. it's gonna be my name this time.
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um, lynn, jessie, jonny. three very contrasting dishes. but only one can be the winner. the headline act who will get that huge advantage in the upcoming elimination challenge, that dish was cooked by... [suspenseful music] congratulations... ♪ lynn. agh. jessie and jonny, great job. oh, my god. lynn, are you ready to see this unique advantage? i'm so ready for this. let's go. really good job indeed. phenomenal. (narrator) the winner of the mystery box is now in control of the elimination test, where at least one person will leave the competition. are you ready to find out the theme of tonight's elimination challenge? bring it on, yeah. well, we're not gonna tell you what the theme is. instead,
8:23 pm
we have invited a special guest that will do that for us. wow, okay. this person has actually stood exactly where you're standing now. somebody that went through the fire and came out stronger and on top. wow. welcome last year's masterchef winner, christine ha. seriously? welcome back. christine! hi. oh, my gosh. nice to see you, my darling. thank you. hi, christine. hi. my name is lynn. nice to meet you, lynn. nice to meet you. oh, you're very tall. i'm very tall, yep. now as the winner of masterchef, christine recently released her very own best-selling cookbook titled recipes from my home kitchen. asian and american comfort food. so, christine, how's the last year been? crazy. my whole life has changed. there's so many opportunities. i've had my dream come true writing my own cookbook. so it's been great. now, lynn, as the winner of the mystery box challenge, christine is giving you the option of choosing
8:24 pm
from her three favorite ingredients... ooh. all heavily featured in that stunning new cookbook. i'm ready, i'm ready. yeah? so, lynn, please step forward. first up... chicken. yeah. christine, how does it feature in your book? (christine) i would say every chapter has chicken in it. every chapter? except for dessert. except for dessert. yes. all right, lynn, box number two. all right. ooh, hello there, gorgeous. it's a catfish. meow. [chuckles] (christine) it's an ingredient i grew up eating. if you can cook it well, it can be very delicious. but dealing with the skin, the fatty parts, and the bones, that will be a challenge. yeah. (gordon) right, lynn, now for your final option. it is... wow. [exhales] a stunning live dungeness crab. oh, my gosh.
8:25 pm
delicious, unique, sweet. incredible. so, lynn, for winning that mystery box challenge, you are safe from elimination. (gordon) now listen up. one person will have to cook with one ingredient that you choose. the rest will have to cook with another ingredient. right now is your perfect opportunity to try and take out that one individual that is your achilles' heel. i think it might have to be krissi. she tends to have this attitude about her. she has this confidence that i think no one else really has. so i wanna make sure that she is faced with an ingredient that she doesn't deal with a lot. and we'll see what happens when she hits that. so you're aiming fire at krissi. which will she struggle with? i think krissi would struggle more with catfish. catfish. i don't know if they have many catfish in south philly. i hope not. i know for certain krissi's gonna be mad at me for a long, long time. she doesn't take these things very well.
8:26 pm
but it is what it is. it's a competition. so which protein is going to the rest of the competitors? is it crab or the chicken? i choose... uh, lynn, please, you know where to go. because lynn won that mystery box challenge, he is now safe from elimination. the rest of you, on the other hand, are not, because at least one of you will be going home at the end of this challenge tonight. (joe) back in the pantry, we told lynn the theme of this challenge. but we didn't do it alone. we were joined by a very special guest... last year's winner, christine ha. [cheers and applause] hi. (gordon) how are you, my darling? good to see you. please. welcome back. thank you. i was so happy to see christine walk through the door.
8:27 pm
she's been exactly where we've been, and she won with some intense adversity. it's incredibly inspiring. okay, listen carefully. in the pantry, we gave lynn the option of choosing from three proteins that feature heavily in christine's new cookbook. christine, what were they? there's chicken. mm-hmm. catfish. surprise, surprise. and crab. (gordon) wow. mmm. lynn got to choose one of those three ingredients for one individual and another ingredient for everybody else. lynn, please come back down, and escort christine upstairs to sit this challenge out with you. the rest of you will now have five minutes in the pantry to see what ingredient lynn chose for you. your time in the pantry starts...
8:28 pm
now. let's go. let's go, let's go, let's go. ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh. oh, my god. [laughs] he's doing this because bime was his boy, and i sent bime packing. you just [bleep] with the wrong girl. [overlapping chatter] ooh! double whammy, right? i had to cook a pig's head, and now i have to cook a live animal. ooh! it's a bad day for vegetarians. let's go, guys. krissi, wow. it's me. push, push, push. before you start, christine has one more surprise. in my mind, it's a game changer. open your drawers, and you'll find a blindfold. you're going to be cooking this challenge without sight. [nervous laughter] i am speechless. are you serious?
8:29 pm
this is not cool. blindfolds on, please. (graham) this is how christine cooks three times a day. you guys are experiencing it for one hour. (gordon) you've chosen those ingredients. now get to understand them even better. taste and smell, everything. your 60 minutes starts... now. i start grabbing [bleep], and i think i'm putting it in the right spot. i feel the crab, and i'm like, bad idea, bad idea. [laughter] it sounds insane. [clatter] [laughter] [glass shatters] how i'm gonna cut the crab without looking at the crab? (joe) come on, luca. i'm gonna cut a finger off, i'm sure. (narrator) season three winner christine ha's cookbook,
8:30 pm
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to help stop leaks before they happen. blindfolds on, please. your 60 minutes starts
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now. [glass shatters] [laughter] come on, guys. if i can do it, you can do it. [glass breaks] [laughter] it sounds insane. (joe) come on, luca. be careful with the knives. oh, my god. [glass breaks] everybody, stop. christine has a very cruel sense of humor. she's only joking. take your blindfolds off. [laughter] oh, my god. (luca) i feel so relieved. it would have been a nightmare. you know how many people would have cut their finger off? how was that? terrifying! awful! i'm at a loss of words. you're amazing. it's a challenge. i have a lot of respect for you, christine. right, total respect. just gone up to another level, right? yep. yep. okay, everyone, well, this isn't a joke. at least one of you will be going home. your 60 minutes starts... now.
8:35 pm
(gordon) tough one, this one. what do you think of lynn's strategy? you know, he targeted krissi, thinking that she hadn't actually cooked a lot of catfish. i think lynn's a [bleep], and i think he wasted his pick because not only am i gonna filet this fish, i'm gonna make it taste good with some mashed potatoes. and i'm not going home today, so dumbass. [laughs] (gordon) everyone else isis cooking live dungeness crab. luxury ingredient. what would you do with crab? i would make a stunning crab bisque. get my crab poached in beurre blanc first. crush up the shells, and then just roast off the most amazing fragrant vegetables-- stunning fennel, leeks, onion, and then flake in that sweet white meat. eww. i'm going to make a light, refreshing crab salad. i'm gonna do mashed peas with a blood orange champagne vinaigrette and a corn puree. this is the first time that we have to kill a live animal in this competition.
8:36 pm
(luca) i'm italian. so i'm gonna keep it simple, and i'm gonna make risotto. i'm fighting to take the meat out of the shell. i'm not worried to go home today, because i know i will still put good flavors on the plate. i add some fish sauce in the stock to make christine happy. at this stage of the competition, i really would like to shine at every challenge. right, james. four pans going on. what are you doing? i just finished boiling my crab. i am shocking some tomatoes to peel 'em and seed them for my creole. i got some rice going. what's the seasoning in there? old bay, garlic, a little bit of white pepper. going home tonight? not today. what about krissi with catfish? i don't know, she's talking a lot about eating catfish and how they eat it, but where i'm from, you don't put catfish with mashed potatoes. wow. good luck. thank you, chef. beth. what are you making, beth? what's up? i'm gonna make a crab cake with a peach salsa. (joe) so what's in there? right now there's just shallot. i'm gonna end up with some avocado in there, so i'm gonna have some creaminess.
8:37 pm
all of this crab flavor, all this good stuff, you're leaving it all behind? i'm not gonna use it. i'm trying to do something fresh. thanks. good luck. mm-hmm. right, natasha, how you feeling? i'm feeling good, chef. and what are you doing? so i'm gonna do, like, a crab cake, and then i'm gonna do an assortment of a salad next to it with a lot of gingers and lemon. and you're using the dark meat and the white meat? yes. mm-hmm, that's beautifully seasoned there. what else is in there? just sea salt. a bunch of sea salt. watch those bok choy. good luck. just under 20 minutes to go. awesome. all right, what's going on, krissi? hey, how you doing? mashed potatoes? what the hell is that? (graham) wow. what is this, like, survival food? no, southern catfish. is this, like, a philly-style catfish? i don't understand. no, it's fried catfish with some mashed potatoes and asparagus. you were in the top 13. you asked me to make catfish. this is how i make catfish. i asked you to make an excellent dish. well, i'm sorry. i don't happen to think that this is kind of at the level we're looking at. i think that this dish
8:38 pm
is way below your capability. you're playing it safe, and you could be in danger. i'm not playing it safe. you wanna be a smartass? i can be a smartass too. i'm not being a smartass. i don't think it's at the level. well, i'm the one that matters anyway, what i think, so... jeez. (krissi) i know my fish is cooked perfectly. i know my potatoes taste amazing. this is a dish that anybody i serve it to would be really happy to get. i know it tastes good. so james' is sounding absolutely delicious. natasha's sounds incredible. what is she making? she's doing an amazing crab cake. but just even from here, beth does not look comfortable. no. oh, this is a mess. this could be the end for krissi. she's doing, like, sunday night leftover dinner with catfish she found in the store. wow. super stupid move on her part. it could be her ticket out of here. christine, can you smell anything? it smells good. my stomach's growling. (joe) two minutes, guys. two minutes. start finishing your plates. taste everything. ten, nine, eight, seven,
8:39 pm
six, five, four, three, two, one. and stop. whoo! (gordon) everybody, great job. christine and lynn, would you be so kind to come down? lynn, could you make your way to your station please? christine, come and join graham, joe, and myself. 'cause tonight you are our guest judge. ooh. (natasha) it's really humbling to know that christine's judging us. she has this amazing palate, and there is just high expectations. right, the lady who lynn had his target on her back. krissi and her catfish. let's go, please. you know, the funny thing is krissi kept saying how familiar she was with catfish. but it didn't look like it. i think my plan worked. (gordon) krissi, what is it, please? this is fried catfish filet with some bacon cheddar mashed potatoes and steamed asparagus. looks like a tv dinner. damn.
8:40 pm
was that intentionally? you've left the skin on. yes. but you know that skin is like snakeskin. it's like a-- so you're taking off the skin, chef? yeah, i've just pulled the whole thing off. i know you can't eat it. i just never had it any other way. are you cooking for the judges tonight to stay in this competition, or are you cooking for yourself again? i'm cooking for the judges. right. there you go, darling. there's your spoon. christine, how was that for you? tastes a little bit too earthy and catfishy. it needs a little bit more elevated flavor. keeping that skin on, you allowed the fish to get really fatty. and i think lynn may have just dealt a direct hit. it's, you know, the $6.99 blue plate special. this is an elimination challenge. what are you gonna think if this is your last dish? thanks.
8:41 pm
catfish eats mud and algae, so what does it taste like? mud. your catfish tastes like mud. and my issue with you and our interchange before is that, you think you know it all, then go cook it all yourself at home. i know i don't know it all. because this defensive-- no, shut--just listen to me a second. at this point, you're wasting my time. and i don't like to have my time wasted. for me, you're done. good job, lynn. at least you let me know who's really here to play. (krissi) my fried catfish is delicious. it didn't matter what i put on the plate. because i got in a fight with joe, they were gonna bash me no matter what. told ya. tastes like licking out the inside of your fish tank. hey, krissi, whispering to your buddies around you is not gonna help you. i said i knew it.
8:42 pm
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hey, krissi, whispering to your buddies around you is not gonna help you. i said i knew it. if you wanna talk behind my back, have the balls to say it up here in front of me. [whispers] oh, god. krissi, i'm sorry, but you need to show a little bit more respect for the judges and for everybody who's around. you're there. you did a bad job. be honorable. take it. go back to your station. end of the story. okay, next, uh, natasha. please, bring us something with flavor. basically what i did for you was a crab cake,
8:47 pm
and i did a medley of salad with beets, pickled radish, and a champagne vinaigrette. when we do crab challenges, we always expect a lot of crab cakes. and we judge them pretty fiercely. what do you think? i think it was brave that you went with an asian theme with the crab cakes... interesting. so i think that makes it interesting with the cilantro and the ginger. (gordon) mm-hmm, the ginger really, like, makes it pop, you know, which is really nice. the beet salad's good. put the little extra crab meat in there. i think this dish is really, really good. thank you. good job. thank you, chef. thanks. next is bri. what is the dish? a summer crab stack with pea and avocado mash and some corn puree on the sides. peas and crab are a classic combo, right? shellfish and corn go hand in hand. right off the bat, this should be hard to mess up. but then again, you're a vegetarian.
8:48 pm
[chuckles] that's almost spring moving into summer. you get the pea, crab component, and then you get the corn and the claw and avocado. i like it a lot. this is delicious. it's true. cool. thank you. good job. thank you. okay, uh, james. let's go, please. here you go, guys. what is that? that is a spicy crab creole with rice and some seafood broth. christine, what do you think? i really like the heat that comes on at the end. there's levels in flavor i think for that dish. so that's very interesting and very good. thank you. i mean, that dish is phenomenal. it's got the right kind of heat. the blend in terms of the creole seasoning is absolutely, 100% perfect. great job, seriously, 'cause that is delicious. well done. thank you, guys. [applause] nice. next is beth.
8:49 pm
and what about this dish? dungeness crab and mascarpone crab cake with meyer lemon and herb creme fraiche and a grilled peach and avocado salsa. oh, it's... [silverware clinks] it's completely raw. all i taste is raw, mealy flour. i have to sort of agree with you on the texture. it's not my cup of tea. it's mealy. so sorry. (joe) untolerable at this point. it's disgusting, and it ruins my palate, and it's really, really, really bad. i'm sorry. that is disgusting, i'm sorry. [groans] so you've never made crab cakes before, or you've never broken down a whole crab? um, both. [chuckles] i'm landlocked in tennessee. and i try so hard to eat local... mm-hmm. that seafood is a rarity for me. it's like a treat that i eat
8:50 pm
when i'm traveling. look how thin it is. yeah. it's more of a crab pancake than a crab cake. yeah, it's-- it's not good at all. no, it's really pasty. (krissi) wow. beth seemed to get worse reviews than me. please let that mean that beth is going home, and not me. next up, luca. let's go, please. good. okay, why don't you explain your soup to christine? uh, actually, it's a risotto. say that again. it's a risotto. why does it look like a bowl of soup? i made a mistake on the presentation. so it's a risotto of crab? crab, asparagus, and lemon. oh, it sounds wet. yeah, i'm just trying to get rid of the stock. otherwise i'll be serving this through a [bleep] straw. there's your spoon of crab. careful, it's very liquidy.
8:51 pm
the initial taste for me was too salty. did you add a lot of salt to the dish? last challenge, though, i had a problem. it was bland when i thought it was good. every time you slip back into your italian safety net, you start screwing yourself, 'cause that's not a risotto. it's a disaster. it's kind of embarrassing. i know. what is that? that fish sauce on your station? i put just a touch. go get it. what is that, joe? fish sauce. fish sauce? fish sauce in a risotto? why? because it's christine one of most favorite things. that's one of your favorite ingredients? it is, but i don't think i would have put it in a risotto. to put fish sauce
8:52 pm
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8:55 pm
to put fish sauce in an italian risotto, i think all of italy will weep a little bit. so will you--i just hope you're not crying at home. good night, luca. (luca) i'm so embarrassed. it's italian. i should shine on a risotto. i'm in the bottom. i may go home today on a risotto. all right, guys, we need a minute to discuss. i know i can cook. i second-guess myself every time, you know? this competition is definitely hard. i wasn't fond of the way i think.ooked the catfish. it sucked.
8:56 pm
i think they're gonna make an example out of me. i'm serious. fish sauce on risotto, come on. yeah, that was strange. you weren't on the bottom. you weren't at the bottom bottom. i don't-- i'm not sure. i'm not sure either. i think i'm going home. (gordon) back to your stations, please. thank you. that was tough. but we have come up with a top two. the first person put together a winning dish with bold, exotic flavors. that dish belonged to... [exhales] natasha. whoo! [applause] (gordon) well done. the second dish used the crab to its full potential. we declared it the best dish this evening. congratulations. come on, please. seriously well done. james. [sighs] great job.
8:57 pm
[applause] (james) i absolutely deserve this. been working my ass off to get above the pack, and finally i'm being recognized for it. there is no better feeling than this right now. both of you are safe from elimination. and you now are team captains in your next challenge. now to the sad news. the three worst dishes of this evening. at least one of these three home cooks will be leaving this competition. [suspenseful music] please step forward. beth. ♪ in this second disastrous dish, the home cook absolutely wasted their crab. please step forward, luca. and the third terrible dish was put together by a home cook in a very lazy manner. come on down, krissi. (natasha) i'm pretty sure everyone's sick and tired of krissi. she needs to go home. you three, for at least one of you
8:58 pm
it's your last night in masterchef. luca, step forward. young man, highs and lows, up and down. we're losing patience. fish sauce in a crab risotto. how ridiculous. ♪ fortunately for you, there are two worse dishes than what you produced. back to your station. beth, tonight you just produced a plate of blandness. you let yourself down because you didn't believe in what you were doing. it wasn't the beth we've been used to. i know that i messed up, but i really, really, really don't want to go home today. krissi, i think you're taking this competition for granted. not at all. and unfortunately with the attitude, you haven't got the talent to back it up. i've not had one bad dish in this competition, and beth over there has had about five. the person leaving masterchef
8:59 pm
tonight... ♪ beth. i'm sorry. your time is done. krissi, get it together. back to your station, please. tell you something. yes, chef. you've got to start believing in yourself more. i know. (gordon) and take everything you've learned from this competition and continue, okay? i will. thank you. good night. [applause] (beth) being on masterchef has inspired me making it this far. i never could have dreamed i would get clean and accomplish what i did. that's one of the biggest things this competition's given me, is a clearer sense of not only my voice on the plate... that is delicious. thank you. but the sort of person i am. and that was what i wanted more than anything.
9:00 pm
(male announcer) previously on masterchef... the home cooks faced a gruesome mystery box challenge... there are children who will not sleep tonight. (announcer) and season three winner christine ha returned with an unseen twist. you're going to be cooking this challenge without sight. oh, my god. [glass shatters] (announcer) joe and krissi went head to head. if you wanna talk behind my back, have the balls to say it up here in front of me. i said i knew it. (announcer) but ultimately... you didn't believe in what you were doing. (announcer) it was beth that said good-bye to the masterchef kitchen. now... wedding bells are ringing... if you screw up their food, you screw up their wedding day. (announcer) with a team challenge that has the contestants catering a reception on this couple's big day. i cannot believe they're trusting us. you guys, come on, move. (announcer) but the honeymoon quickly ends... lynn, you're wiping your forehead again and you're wiping the plates. oh, my god. sending the losing team... the winner was...


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